~Creation’s Canvas~



~Creation’s Canvas~


Swirls, red arches,

hues of blues,

greens, yellows,

oranges, blat on

my canvas, capturing

whispering mysteries

of distant visions.

Pinks explode,

violets vibrate,

blacks disintegrate

to regions unfathomed,

while whites expand,

and crimsons kill.

Forces of universe

integrate to create

images upon my

palate, and canvases

dissolve beneath

the maiden paint…

Until my brush

retires, turpentine

cleans and easels

resign to sleep in

dreamtide’s dust.

When dawning creation

spark’s genius’s touch,

stirring the gift

of birth again…

Wild music swirls, as

orchestras crash, and

stampedes of design

invade our mind.

Then peace descends,

as fingers float, and

swish, swish,

swish, the brush

flows on, flows on…

Until mad melody

passes, and plop,

plop, plop,

goes the rock,

skipping across the

angel’s pond.

As in reverie, I rest,

a thousand voices

call: the echos of

paintings completed,

and those unborn.

The wild drive

never subsides,

it only ebbs,

till life begins

again, on canvas’s

white, waiting palace.



©1995~Poetry by Amber
{~Swan Song~}

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