~My Wounded Warrior~


~My Wounded Warrior~

You are like
Beams of light,
Rays of sun,
Moonvelvet softly
Lighting the way in
The dark, a satin
Heart soothing
The wrinkled brow of
The forlorn, lips of
Songbird winging
Your praises to Me,
And pouring warm honey
On the suffering
Souls of humanity,
Melting hardness
Into fluid love
That runs like streams
Into meadows, touching
The golden edge of
Eternity, banishing
Sorrow and Pain.

Touch My heart
Of love, My daughter,
I love you, I call you
From above.
Let My oil of joy
Pour into your wounds
So deep. Just as I
Have poured through you –
To heal the lame
And the lost,
So I desire
To pour out Myself
Into you, and fill you,
Until you become
As a life-buoy.
An ocean-buoy –
Upright and afloat.
A sea-buoy –
That no troubled wave
Of life’s storms
Can touch or harm.

Visit Me in
The meadow on the hill.
Your Heavenly-Husband
-Lover – awaits you
There. My Face…
Is bathed in wreaths of
Smiles, at the joyous
Expectation of your next
Visit. My welcoming
Arms are spread wide,
Waiting and ever
Longing for your presence
There. I ache to
Hold you close,
And pour fresh oil
On your Precious head.
Run to Me,
My Wounded Warrior…
And I will heal you
There in the Secret
Meadow Of Peace.

©2000~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}

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