~The Rushing Streams Of Our Lives~


~The Rushing Streams Of Our Lives~
Streams rush through
The soul of my being.
Days of tribulation fade,
As I grasp the strength
Of God’s Merciful Love.

Sometimes my soul melts within,
While pondering the current days & news,
And the near & rushing future
Of what some very evil ones
Plan for the fate of humankind.

Yet in a splendorous wind,
I am swept up into
The rapturous beauty &
Amazing loving-kindness
Of my Lord & King…Jesus!

He makes everything right,
Even when everything seems all wrong.
This is what I meditate on,
Even as I see my world crumbling
All around, in so much of what I see.

Morals are fading,
Emotions are jaded,
Cartoons are violent,
Music wracks the nerves,
And species are disappearing.

Doors are locking,
Window bars go up,
Car alarms go on,
Jails fill up,
And gas pumps go dry.

Too much, too much
Is going on, going up, coming down.
Where is the release?
Where is the relief?
In Jesus Christ The Lord.


For He has said to
“Be of good cheer,
For I have overcome the world”!!!
“Greater is He who is in us,
Than he who is in the world”!

“And they overcame him by
The blood of the Lamb,
The word of their testimony,
And loving not their lives unto the death”.
“We are more than CONQUERORS”!

“For we are well able to OVERCOME it”.
“And mightest OVERCOME when thou art judged”.
“But OVERCOME evil with good”.
“And ye have OVERCOME the wicked one”.
“And have OVERCOME them”.

“We shall also REIGN with him”.
“And shall REIGN with him a thousand years”.
“And he shall REIGN for ever and ever”.
“And shall REIGN with him a thousand years”.
“And they shall REIGN for ever and ever”!

~Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus~


©2007~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song Singing~}


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