Oh how I feel
Caught up in
The unknown cloud
A cloud like this
I have not known.

A mysterious cloud it is,
Weaving it’s way
Through Darkness.
Through Light,
Through Love.

It winds it’s way
Mysteriously through
Many paths,
Many ways,
Many eons of fate.

It whirls & winds
It’s way through
Mirrors of Glass,
And reflected memories,
Played on my mind.

It surfaces at the
Most unusual times,
Flitting in it’s own
Unique ways, across
The fields of my mind.

It’s journeys seem
Endless, as it weaves
It’s way through
Streams, Winds, & Sails
Of the Ancient Mariner.

It rocks my world,
Yet it sweeps me up
Into some sublime,
Yet hidden, future of
A Time not known.

Vistas of a new time,
A time not yet
Revealed to the
Inhabitants of earth,
Or it’s playful creatures.

The repugnance of
Our current world
Situations, cause
My nose to recoil,
From it’s acrid air.

Fresh air, I cry!
Please bring fresh air!
Refresh this world
Of mine! Bring Sweet
Relief & Joy Sublime!

Oh rays of sun,
Beam down on us!
Bring new light to
A world filled with
Deep darkness, now!

Rekindle a spark of
Hope, in us now!
Breath of Wind,
Blow on us, stirring
Our hearts with joy!

Radiant light of
The Son Of God,
Please fall on us
With Your kindest,
Gentlest Arms of Love!

Please enter our world
Afresh, & anew,
With new waves of
Glory, falling on our
Soil! Send kind winds!

To restore us now!
Before it’s too late!
And humanity no longer
Breathes any fresh
Air, & we gasp our last!

Let not fate
Take us to the
Depths of despair!
Renew our hope in
Your love, so fair!

Help our hardened
Spirits to yield to
Your Great Truth & Light
Fall on us & fill us,
Great Glory from on High!



©2007~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}

Penned: Aug 14 2007



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