~Their Ashes Are Clothed Wih Beauty~

~A Poem Inspired By Jesus~

~Their Ashes Are Clothed Wih Beauty~

Wisdom walks,
And Prophesy talks.
My daughter is kind,
And my daughter loves.
I taught her that!
She learned it from Me!
She listened to Me,
And let Me lead the way.
I clothed her heart with love.

Though her path
Was dark & occluded at times,
I shone A Light on
Her weary days.
She became refreshed;
She became renewed!
Now I send her as a shining star,
Bright & glistening in
A night so bleak.

By My Light shining through her,
Others will now find their way
On a long, dusty path of ash.
But My Beauty will be birthed,
And I, the Bright & Morning Star,
Will light their path,
As slowly they arise from
The pile of ashes at their feet,
And their ashes are clothed with beauty!!!

~Love, Jesus~

©2006~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}

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