A Widow’s Poem Of Grief~By Swan Song

~A Widow’s Poem Of Grief~

Whispering stars of yesteryear
Come sighing to my memory,
Flighted fantasies…….
Dreams on my wings.

Dreams, too many,
come jolting into
my presence…
that they be there,
invading my privacy,
lurking in shadows.

Unwanted memories.
Searching for more
…looking for people…
not there.

Sad songs
water my mind
& leave it murky.
Embracing sorrow
is not my desire.

Oh dreams, oh fun of yesteryear…
where are you?
Why did you have to leave?

Why do I sit here…
maybe even

Where are the good times?
Where is the noise…
the activity…
that was so frequent here?

Why does
now pretend to be
“my best friend”?

Where is
“the face”…
& the smiles
that came so frequently from
“that face”?

How many
does he light up now…
with his love, his embrace,
& his cheer?

Heaven overflows
with the joy he brings!
While my life drifts quietly by…
in silence.

Should I seek to join him
in Heaven’s Grace?
Or do I sit in this silence…
& “embrace” that aloneness? 

I have my thoughts.
I have my skills.
I can use them for my Lord.

But how sad.
How sad,
to put them to use,
with no one…
with whom to share them.

The joys, sorrows,
once shared by two;
shared by one,

Where are the people
that sought him out?
Why is my phone so silent?
Why is my mailbox so empty,
(except for bills, of course)?
Where is everyone?

Is it true, what one person said,
that many were
friends with my husband,
but not necessarily with me?

I suppose I shall have to
make new ones.
And get out of the house.
But that will be very difficult,
with no car, at this time,
& medical challenges, “to boot”.

Yet I always said to my husband…
“With God,
ALL THINGS are possible”.

Jesus Christ is my “only”
{spiritual} Husband right now.
And somehow,
He will take care of
Including sorely & deeply needed

It is not good
for man

or woman
to be alone.

And no one
is an island
…unto themselves…

 ©2005~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Songs Scripts~}

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