~My Wounded Warrior~


~My Wounded Warrior~

You are like
Beams of light,
Rays of sun,
Moonvelvet softly
Lighting the way in
The dark, a satin
Heart soothing
The wrinkled brow of
The forlorn, lips of
Songbird winging
Your praises to Me,
And pouring warm honey
On the suffering
Souls of humanity,
Melting hardness
Into fluid love
That runs like streams
Into meadows, touching
The golden edge of
Eternity, banishing
Sorrow and Pain.

Touch My heart
Of love, My daughter,
I love you, I call you
From above.
Let My oil of joy
Pour into your wounds
So deep. Just as I
Have poured through you –
To heal the lame
And the lost,
So I desire
To pour out Myself
Into you, and fill you,
Until you become
As a life-buoy.
An ocean-buoy –
Upright and afloat.
A sea-buoy –
That no troubled wave
Of life’s storms
Can touch or harm.

Visit Me in
The meadow on the hill.
Your Heavenly-Husband
-Lover – awaits you
There. My Face…
Is bathed in wreaths of
Smiles, at the joyous
Expectation of your next
Visit. My welcoming
Arms are spread wide,
Waiting and ever
Longing for your presence
There. I ache to
Hold you close,
And pour fresh oil
On your Precious head.
Run to Me,
My Wounded Warrior…
And I will heal you
There in the Secret
Meadow Of Peace.

©2000~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}


~Their Ashes Are Clothed Wih Beauty~

~A Poem Inspired By Jesus~

~Their Ashes Are Clothed Wih Beauty~

Wisdom walks,
And Prophesy talks.
My daughter is kind,
And my daughter loves.
I taught her that!
She learned it from Me!
She listened to Me,
And let Me lead the way.
I clothed her heart with love.

Though her path
Was dark & occluded at times,
I shone A Light on
Her weary days.
She became refreshed;
She became renewed!
Now I send her as a shining star,
Bright & glistening in
A night so bleak.

By My Light shining through her,
Others will now find their way
On a long, dusty path of ash.
But My Beauty will be birthed,
And I, the Bright & Morning Star,
Will light their path,
As slowly they arise from
The pile of ashes at their feet,
And their ashes are clothed with beauty!!!

~Love, Jesus~

©2006~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}







Oh how I feel
Caught up in
The unknown cloud
A cloud like this
I have not known.

A mysterious cloud it is,
Weaving it’s way
Through Darkness.
Through Light,
Through Love.

It winds it’s way
Mysteriously through
Many paths,
Many ways,
Many eons of fate.

It whirls & winds
It’s way through
Mirrors of Glass,
And reflected memories,
Played on my mind.

It surfaces at the
Most unusual times,
Flitting in it’s own
Unique ways, across
The fields of my mind.

It’s journeys seem
Endless, as it weaves
It’s way through
Streams, Winds, & Sails
Of the Ancient Mariner.

It rocks my world,
Yet it sweeps me up
Into some sublime,
Yet hidden, future of
A Time not known.

Vistas of a new time,
A time not yet
Revealed to the
Inhabitants of earth,
Or it’s playful creatures.

The repugnance of
Our current world
Situations, cause
My nose to recoil,
From it’s acrid air.

Fresh air, I cry!
Please bring fresh air!
Refresh this world
Of mine! Bring Sweet
Relief & Joy Sublime!

Oh rays of sun,
Beam down on us!
Bring new light to
A world filled with
Deep darkness, now!

Rekindle a spark of
Hope, in us now!
Breath of Wind,
Blow on us, stirring
Our hearts with joy!

Radiant light of
The Son Of God,
Please fall on us
With Your kindest,
Gentlest Arms of Love!

Please enter our world
Afresh, & anew,
With new waves of
Glory, falling on our
Soil! Send kind winds!

To restore us now!
Before it’s too late!
And humanity no longer
Breathes any fresh
Air, & we gasp our last!

Let not fate
Take us to the
Depths of despair!
Renew our hope in
Your love, so fair!

Help our hardened
Spirits to yield to
Your Great Truth & Light
Fall on us & fill us,
Great Glory from on High!



©2007~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}

Penned: Aug 14 2007


~The Rushing Streams Of Our Lives~


~The Rushing Streams Of Our Lives~
Streams rush through
The soul of my being.
Days of tribulation fade,
As I grasp the strength
Of God’s Merciful Love.

Sometimes my soul melts within,
While pondering the current days & news,
And the near & rushing future
Of what some very evil ones
Plan for the fate of humankind.

Yet in a splendorous wind,
I am swept up into
The rapturous beauty &
Amazing loving-kindness
Of my Lord & King…Jesus!

He makes everything right,
Even when everything seems all wrong.
This is what I meditate on,
Even as I see my world crumbling
All around, in so much of what I see.

Morals are fading,
Emotions are jaded,
Cartoons are violent,
Music wracks the nerves,
And species are disappearing.

Doors are locking,
Window bars go up,
Car alarms go on,
Jails fill up,
And gas pumps go dry.

Too much, too much
Is going on, going up, coming down.
Where is the release?
Where is the relief?
In Jesus Christ The Lord.


For He has said to
“Be of good cheer,
For I have overcome the world”!!!
“Greater is He who is in us,
Than he who is in the world”!

“And they overcame him by
The blood of the Lamb,
The word of their testimony,
And loving not their lives unto the death”.
“We are more than CONQUERORS”!

“For we are well able to OVERCOME it”.
“And mightest OVERCOME when thou art judged”.
“But OVERCOME evil with good”.
“And ye have OVERCOME the wicked one”.
“And have OVERCOME them”.

“We shall also REIGN with him”.
“And shall REIGN with him a thousand years”.
“And he shall REIGN for ever and ever”.
“And shall REIGN with him a thousand years”.
“And they shall REIGN for ever and ever”!

~Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus~


©2007~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song Singing~}


~America Arise With Open Eyes~

~America Arise With Open Eyes~

Bloodless flows

My Life’s blood

Through the straws of grass,

While wind-swept plains

Soar ever more

Through amber waves of grain.

Through toil and sweat and blood

You move, till life’s sweetness

Sings no songs for you,

And blue become the mountains above,

As below, you shout and grow

Weary in the weeds of waiting.

Impatience incenses you, and you

Grasp for stars, all withering

From your clasp, as strong winds

Blow and bend and break

Your bow, and life’s weariness continues

To ebb, and wet the fields below…

Into which flow; new streams,

New springs of life, and the

Hoary, old man moves – slowly, fading

Into the bosom of bushes of old,

Then leaps out, flaming; bringing

Torch of fresh growth, born

Into the field of man…

A bud’s chance to blossom, to

Change, and bring within range,

The spectacle of new life –

Born. To give grace, and brush

The soul of an old goal, long

Deserted in the fruitless

Plains of modern man…

While the old one wrenched

Free, straining at the bit of

The ox-bow, and fell short, yet

Strove, and tried again to breathe

Free. And lo – was lifted into the

Sky: the wings of the shoeless

Ones, the crippled and broken ones…

Who remained aloft, though

Chains sought to bury

Them beneath the soil of

The ones so long forgotten.

Yet, streaming into their mind,

Came the chant of life:

“Though crippled and chained to

The earth, you may be, your

Shame shall cease, as you

Gaze above at the blazing Son

Of Love.” And so, the cripples ones,

And tortured ones arose, and were

Freed, and turned and spoke:

“Desert your barren

Packs of dust and straw.

And look to the One, True

Shining Star; for there

You will envision

What was meant to be

For you and me:”

“For the poor and the rich,

The sightless and the seeing:

To join hearts, in one belief;

Hearing and achieving:”

“The song of the wanderer,

The song of the free,

The song of the poor,

And the song of the blest.

To be the best of both worlds,

Entwined hand in hand with

God, with Nature, and Man.”

©1990~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}

~Penned by Amber~
~September 18th 1990~

~Creation’s Canvas~



~Creation’s Canvas~


Swirls, red arches,

hues of blues,

greens, yellows,

oranges, blat on

my canvas, capturing

whispering mysteries

of distant visions.

Pinks explode,

violets vibrate,

blacks disintegrate

to regions unfathomed,

while whites expand,

and crimsons kill.

Forces of universe

integrate to create

images upon my

palate, and canvases

dissolve beneath

the maiden paint…

Until my brush

retires, turpentine

cleans and easels

resign to sleep in

dreamtide’s dust.

When dawning creation

spark’s genius’s touch,

stirring the gift

of birth again…

Wild music swirls, as

orchestras crash, and

stampedes of design

invade our mind.

Then peace descends,

as fingers float, and

swish, swish,

swish, the brush

flows on, flows on…

Until mad melody

passes, and plop,

plop, plop,

goes the rock,

skipping across the

angel’s pond.

As in reverie, I rest,

a thousand voices

call: the echos of

paintings completed,

and those unborn.

The wild drive

never subsides,

it only ebbs,

till life begins

again, on canvas’s

white, waiting palace.



©1995~Poetry by Amber
{~Swan Song~}







Old wood,
Warped & weathered,
Your eyes do look,
Your silence does speak.

Long-time journeys
Have brought you here,
Have sought you here.

Time has fashioned you
And weathering storms
Have formed your planks.

Your story is as
Ageless as the sea,
And strong as the Redwoods.

Fairness & justice
Have screamed at you,
Calling you on, stronger still.

Arms have sought to
Hold you, carress you,
To draw out your harrowing story.

Tears, not yours,
Have fallen on you
Fashioned you, changed you.

Sun has parched you,
Yet made you strong,
As age graced your brow.

Children played at your feet,
And within you,
Silent winds whispered
Your story of the ages.

Now, those crippled, with cane,
Pass by you, & stop & stare,
While your story
Tells them theirs.

Grow stiller, please,
And far more silent.
Your story speaks too loud,
Becomes an echo…

Reverbrating through
Woods, Grass, Sky.
Animals skurry at
Your wisened feet.

And the mysteries of the ages
Do sing their song
Through you.




©2006~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}