Nature P








Old wood,
Warped & weathered,
Your eyes do look,
Your silence does speak.

Long-time journeys
Have brought you here,
Have sought you here.

Time has fashioned you
And weathering storms
Have formed your planks.

Your story is as
Ageless as the sea,
And strong as the Redwoods.

Fairness & justice
Have screamed at you,
Calling you on, stronger still.

Arms have sought to
Hold you, carress you,
To draw out your harrowing story.

Tears, not yours,
Have fallen on you
Fashioned you, changed you.

Sun has parched you,
Yet made you strong,
As age graced your brow.

Children played at your feet,
And within you,
Silent winds whispered
Your story of the ages.

Now, those crippled, with cane,
Pass by you, & stop & stare,
While your story
Tells them theirs.

Grow stiller, please,
And far more silent.
Your story speaks too loud,
Becomes an echo…

Reverbrating through
Woods, Grass, Sky.
Animals skurry at
Your wisened feet.

And the mysteries of the ages
Do sing their song
Through you.




©2006~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}



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