War P

~Our Far-Off Day Of Hope Dreams Again~


~Our Far-Off Day Of Hope Dreams Again~

Moms Cry
Dads Die
Babies Sleep
Beneath The Feet
Of A New
Trail Of Tears.

North Korea
Who’s next?

How Long
Will Our Soul
Spend It’s Days
In War?

Shall Peace
Ever Reign?
Is It A
Promised Gift?

Will We
Ever Sleep?
Will The Bombs
Always Blow?

Drums, Drums, Drums!
Bugles, Bugles, Bugles,

Play A Harp!
Touch A Violin!
Let A Cello
Speak In Dreams!

Sing A Reverie.
Spark A Song.
Let The Memories
Of A Far-Off
Day Of Hope
Dream Again.


©2007~Poetry by Amber~
{~Swan Song~}

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